Very few house owners don't have a tree of some size in their garden. Those of you with significant trees may wish to call on expert help when the need arises and we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services which will provide the solutions you require.

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Tree Condition Inspections and Reports
Diagnosis of Ill Health in Trees
Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's)
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Trees and Woody Vegetation Management Advice
Insurance Inspections and Claims


Tree Condition Inspections and Reports: (Back to top)

As an owner or occupier of land you have a duty of care to prevent your trees causing injury or harm to persons or property.
By instructing us to carry out a Tree Condition Inspection of your trees, you are effectively taking out liability insurance against any potential claims made against you.
Following inspections, the report produced will document the findings and make appropriate recommendations if required.


Diagnosis of ill Health in Trees: (Back to top)

You have noticed that one of your favourite trees have developed an unseasonal change of appearance in its foliage, this may be an indicator of a deficiency or disorder.
All you need to do is contact us to discuss the symptoms and a site visit should allow a diagnosis to be arrived at. This is just one scenario of possibly hundreds, but having access to laboratory facilities, if and when required, allows successful diagnosis in the more unusual of cases.


Tree Preservation orders (TPO's): (Back to top)

The 'Town and Country Planning act of 1990' and the 'Town and Country Planning (Trees) Regulations 1999' provides the legislation to protect selected trees. This legal framework has its complexities which the home owner may find daunting.
So whether you need to apply to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to carry out works to a protected tree or are in need of some general management advice on 'TPO' trees we welcome your call.


Conservation Areas: (Back to top)

Notification is required if you intend to fell or carry out work to trees of a certain size within a conservation area, as outlined in the 'Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) act of 1990'.
You may require advice on the management of your trees if you live within a designated area , or assistance with the preparation of notification to the Local Planning Authority (LPA).
Whatever the circumstances, simply contact English Tree for our support.


Trees and Woody Vegetation Management Advice:
(Back to top)

Trees, shrubs and climbers all need a certain amount of management. But how should they be managed and at what time of the year?
Our experience can provide you with the answers you require. We are ready to discuss these issues with no obligation when you make contact with us.


Insurance Inspections and Claims: (Back to top)

Insurance companies are becoming ever more cautious where significant trees are in proximity to buildings. They are requesting Arboricultural Reports on the effect that these trees may have on the buildings.
English Tree are able to offer this fixed fee service on request to satisfy your insurers.
In the unlikely event that a tree or part of a tree causes damage to a property or person, we can provide the expertise to assist you with any claim relating to trees and woody vegetation.
Be sure to put the odds in your favour by engaging an Arboricultural Consultant to support your claim.

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