Buying a house can be a daunting prospect whether it is buying your first home or just moving to a different or more suitable property. All the legal matters, surveys, phone calls, arrangements to be made …..    the list goes on  -  and then there’s the trees !

    At English Tree, we plan make your life simple.

So, should you require a Mortgage Report, a tree planting specification for your new garden or just advice on trees, just phone or send us an e-mail.

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Arboricultural Mortgage Reports: (Back to top)

Financial institutions such as Banks and Building Societies who lend money to house buyers, want to be sure that their security, namely the house, is safeguarded against any form of damage which may devalue it.
     Trees, shrubs and woody vegetation have the potential to damage building structures and on occasion they do, therefore increasingly mortgage lenders are requesting that borrowers have a Mortgage Report prepared.
    This consists of a Tree Inspection carried out by a qualified Arboriculturist and a written Report based on their findings, conclusions and recommendations following the inspection.
    So if your lender has asked for a Mortgage Report, please phone or e-mail English Tree for a free quotation without obligation.


Tree Condition Inspections and Reports: (Back to top)

The Occupier’s Liability Act’s  1957 / 84 require that owners and occupiers of land where trees are growing have a ‘duty of care’ to their visitors and others to ensure that they do not come to any harm from the trees as a result of their ‘acts or omissions’ .
    By having your trees inspected on a regular basis by a qualified arboriculturist you will have dispensed your duty of care in relation to the trees.
    A Tree Condition Inspection and a written Report based on the findings, will state the conclusions of the inspection and make recommendations for the present and future management of the trees
    You are most welcome to contact us to further discuss this service and obtain a free quotation.


Tree Planting Specification: (Back to top)

Having bought your new house with perhaps a garden in need of some new or additional planting, the question is sure to arise of ‘what shall we plant’, ‘where shall we put it’ , ‘how big does it get?’
    Help is at hand. For all the answers and a without obligation free quotation, please don’t hesitate to phone or e-mail English Tree.


Tree and Root Damage Investigations: (Back to top)

Trees, shrubs and woody vegetation all have the potential to damage certain buildings and lightweight structures by the action of their above and below ground parts.
This action can be direct, such as a tree stem or root increasing in size as it grows and pressing on a wall or a root lifting a pathway. Indirect action occurs where tree roots absorb soil water from a 'shrinkable clay soil' causing it to reduce in volume. When this occurs below a foundation, given the right circumstances the building may subside, resulting in damage to the structure.
English Tree are qualified to carry out the investigation of these damage types, and will gladly discuss your particular concerns.

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