Where appropriate Local Planning Authorities (LPA's) have a duty under the 'Town and Country Planning act of 1990' to ensure that they safeguard suitable existing trees and make adequate provision for new tree planting, by making 'Tree Preservation Orders' (TPO's) and imposing planning conditions when they grant planning permission.

English Tree Arboricultural Consultants are here to guide you through the maze of requirements to satisfy the LPA that you plan to ensure that their expectations are met.


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Development Site Tree Surveys - BS5837:2005
Arboricultural Implications Assessment (AIA)
Arboricultural Method Statements (AMS)

Site Supervision


Development Site Tree Surveys - BS5837:2005:
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LPA's requirement for a BS 5837 'Tree Survey' before they will register a planning application is now a given quantity. This is the first stage of the process in demonstrating to them that you are following 'Best Practice' where appropriate tree retention is concerned.
Following your instructions we will liaise with your architect to achieve satisfactory juxtaposition of buildings and trees to satisfy the LPA.


Arboricultural Implications Assessment (AIA): (Back to top)

Part of the recommendations of BS 5837 is the requirement for and 'AIA'. This document informs the LPA that the Arboriculturist has investigated how the proposed development will affect the trees and similarly, how the trees may affect the future development.
This is a complex area where English Tree have the experience to ensure that the LPA are reassured that adequate consideration has been given to these sensitive interactions.


Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS): (Back to top)

Again the Local Planning Authority when granting planning permission, want to be sure that you have in place a systematic methodology of how you are going to implement a proposed development from start to completion, without causing damage to the trees.
The AMS is a requirement of BS 5837 and informs all contractors on site how to protect the trees to fulfil the LPA's expectations and still get the job done.
We are able to provide you with the required AMS, at a fixed fee, to comply with the BS 5837.


Site Supervision: (Back to top)

The LPA needs to be sure that the implementation of a proposed development is not going to have any adverse affects on retained trees. Following the preparation and submission of the Arboricultural Implications Assessment and the Arboricultural Method Statement, it is generally accepted that the appointment of an Arboriculturist to provide site supervision, is the most satisfactory solution to safeguarding the trees by ensuring protective fences are erected and maintained correctly and the AMS is adhered to.
A cost effective timetable of site supervision is available from English Tree for a competitive fee.


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