Resolution Tutorial

!You only need to take this tutorial if the 'English Tree' website does not fit inside your internet browser window!
1. Firstly right click (mouse button two / right) on your desktop background. You will see a small menu, at the bottom of this menu will be the option of properties (See Figure 1.1). Select properties (single left mouse button click).
Figure: 1.1
2. Next you will see the 'Display properties' window (See Figure 1.2). Along the top of the window will be a list of 'tabs', currently you are viewing the 'themes' properties 'tab' (you will always be shown this first by default).
Figure: 1.2
3. Select the 'settings tab', this is where you change your montiors resolution. Approximately two thirds down the window will be a box titled 'Screen resolution' (See figure 1.3), in this box will be a 'Slider' with a marker showing you where your current resolution is in the list of your monitors availible resolutions. Under the slider your current selected resolution is displayed in text form (the current windows default resolution is 800 by 600 pixels).
Figure: 1.3
4. Select the slider's marker, by left clicking on it and holding down the button (mouse button one), drag the slider across to the right, until the text underneath it reads 1024 by 768 pixels, now let go of the left mouse button (See figure 1.4).
Figure: 1.4
5. Now click the 'OK' button at the bottom of the 'Display Properties window'. After selecting 'OK' you may see a 'Monitor Settings' message asking you if you want to keep the new resolution settings (See figure 1.5). Select 'YES'. Windows usually only gives you 15 seconds to choose yes or no, before it 'reverts' your settings back to their previous state. If you settings are reverted back to 800 by 600 pixels, before you can select 'YES', then simply follow this tutorial again.
Figure: 1.5