Trees in relation to development have received increased status with the introduction of the new British Standard 'BS 5837:2005' 'Trees in relation to construction - Recommendations'.
The trees are now central to the design process and feedback from the arboriculturist informs the building layout.
The standard follows a logical sequence of events centred around the arboriculturist.
Local Planning Authorities (LPA's) are now requesting BS5837 tree surveys before they will consider a development proposal. BS5837 is basically divided into four parts, 1) Tree survey, 2) Arboricultural Implications Assessment, 3) Arboricultural Method Statement, 4) Site Supervision by an Arboriculturist.
Planning Conditions imposed by the LPA frequently require 'new tree planting schemes' to be designed in harmony with any proposed development.
English Tree Arboricultural Consultants have the experience and expertise to provide you with all the documentation required to satisfy the LPA and your clients.

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